Friday, April 17, 2009

Dirty Running Laundry & Worn Out Shoes

This is a good combination for me. It gives me at least a slight sense of accomplishment, the feeling that I've been working pretty hard and being consistent. As we speak, I am washing a load so I'll have some clean running gear for tomorrow's run.

During the summer, I bought some Nike Lunartrainers, some very lightweight running shoes that have been great. However, since I put a pretty good amount of miles on them, they wore down, so I had to get some new ones. I stayed with the same model of shoe but went with different colors this time. Now I have two pairs that I can rotate out, so hopefully I can go longer before buying the next round.

Things are going pretty well. A few weeks back, I got sick for a few days, just when my mileage was at the highest it has been in several years. I went ahead and took a whole week off to make sure I was better. I am planning on training with the team when we start summer workouts, so I figured it was best to get some rest anyway. I'm working my way back up, and I'll get 70 minutes in this Sunday. Next race up on the agenda is the Lovejoy Country Run, sponsored by Luke's Locker. This is just a 5k, but I hope to run a decent time and hopefully get me in a good frame of mind going into the summer.